Breakthrough to Struggle-Free Decisions!

Breakthrough to Struggle-Free Decisions! Conquer Doubt, Clarify Options, and Boldly Choose to Get on with Business & Life.

Join this free 90-minute experiential teleclass. Discover an easy fun way to banish doubts, clearly see your options, and choose boldly and wisely to take a confident next step.

September 25, 2014 | 1pm PT | 4pm ET | 9pm GM

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About Me

Sylvia Warren, MBA  Conscious Change Catalyst

I'm a former corporate exeuctive and business consultant turned Conscious Change Catalyst. Now...

I coach smart women entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and nonprofit professionals to thrive as leaders—so they communicate with confidence and grace in difficult conversations, decide wisely and boldly, and take quantum leaps in influence, impact and results without forfeiting who they are or what they value.

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Thrive as a Leader

Awaken the Wisdom Within You

Without Forfeiting Who You Are Or What You Value...Transform Your Leadership into Deeply Meaningful Results, Influence & Impact

You're a visionary change-maker, an innovative and smart woman entrepreneur, executive, or nonprofit professional. You have to make critical decisions with very little time to consider the ramifications or where opportunities actually exist.

Ambiguity and overwhelm make it difficult to discern what can and cannot be controlled. So you second-guess and judge yourself—often feeling like you're just reacting instead of responding to urgent problems and complex challenges.

What is clear though is your strong desire to think and act with calm decisive confidence. You're doing everything you know to do. Now you realize your next step is to get the help you need.

Communicate more effectively in difficult conversations. Make calm confident decisions. Take wise action and experience quantum leaps in your results, influence and impact.             ~Sylvia Warren, MBA, Conscious Change Catalyst

Receive the Support You Need

I help smart leaders like you...

  • Let go of what you cannot control.
  • Balance priorities and focus on what you can control.
  • Make wise decisions without second guessing yourself.
  • Mine the gold in your natural strengths and receive self-validation. 
  • Take quantum leaps without forfeiting who you are or what you value.
  • Experience a genuine sense of achievement, satisfaction and inner peace.



Play in Your Mastery

Step Into the Zone Where You Thrive...

  • Communicate with natural ease and grace in difficult conversations
  • Create meaningful context for change — leading, influencing and impacting collaborative triumps
  • Innovate with inspired business practices — attracting the right opportunities, clients and money 

In the end...the choice you make, makes you.

"I am more successful now at addressing challenges and making the most of my strengths. So I appreciated tremendously that this is not cookie cutter coaching. Knowing which strategies were best suited for my particular context and personality made it easier for me to excel and achieve exceedingly ambitious goals." ~Danielle Deane, Program Officer, Hewlett Foundation 
"I'm now making more money, more consistently, with a lot more ease. Sylvia's coaching comfortably got me to shift behavior that was holding me back." ~Allison Bliss, Allison Bliss Consulting


Together, we...

  • Find simple elegant solutions to your challenges and problems.
  • Unleash your innate leadership strengths and grow your self-belief.
  • Navigate complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty to find viable options and opportunities.


  • Feel confident, calm and balanced. 
  • Make better decisions and take wiser action.
  • Trust your instincts and intuition, and value your own expertise.
  • Experience deeper meaning and fulfillment in making a significant difference in the world.

...with Simply the Best Coaching. 

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