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Breakthrough to YES! Make Decisions that Conquer Doubt, Clarify Options, and Free You to Boldly Get on with Business & Life.

Join my 75-minute highly interactive and experiential teleclass. Banish doubts that keep you trapped in your private prison of indecision. Discover what's important that you're not seeing, sensing, or even considering. Make a clear choice that boldly leads to your next steps.

Breakthrough to YES!

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Sylvia Warren, MBA  Conscious Change Catalyst

I'm a former corporate warrior and business consultant turned Conscious Change Catalyst. Now...

I coach smart women entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and nonprofit professionals to thrive as leaders—so they communicate more effectively in difficult conversations, make wise decisions, and experience quantum leaps in results, influence and impact without forfeiting who they are or what they value.

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Do You Let Yourself Fail Enough?

Missteps Lead to Mastery

Do I let myself fail enough? This is a question I'm asking myself because my progress has been so slow in bringing a phenomenal new service I've created to market.

Now I know perfection is not a virtue. After all, I've coached high achievers and leaders for years to use missteps to skyrocket results.

Self-Awareness lights the way to ease of effort and course corrections.

My snail-like progress might be a sign that I'm chasing perfection in marketing my new service offering—Wild Woman Wisdom Journeys. If so, I'm not letting myself fail enough.

Clearly, it's time for me to practice failing. As I let go of my need to get it right the first time, my shoulders relax and more oxygen comes into my lungs.

Failure Isn't Fatal

I read recently that failure was never meant to describe human beings. In the early 19th century failure shifted from describing the "dead end, point of no return" of bankruptcy to describing people. Yet our human spirits are too resilient and dynamic for this initially static definition.

Failure only has validity for us if we don't take it personally. Research tells us that seeing mistakes as stepping stones, rather than feeling mistakes are failure, is a major distinguishing characteristerics between genuises and the rest of us.

Get a 'Genius Attitude'

As a friend of mine says, "You can't learn less." So why not learn more from failure? Instead of worrying about failing, let's use what doesn't work as stepping stones to what can/will work.

This new attitude shifts our focus. It frees our energy and efforts to routinely pay attention to possibilities and opportunities for productive course correction. After all, the space shuttles navigated via a series of course corrections to reach cosmic destinations.

I've decided to let go of the expectation that I have to immediately 'get it right' when working on something new. Instead, I'm practicing the 'genius' attitude' of exploration and discovery.

What missteps are leading to your mastery?


Breakthrough to YES

Conquer Doubt, Clarity Options, Choose Boldly

Do you get stuck in decision limbo? You know, that place where you're not sure about your options and you just can't seem to break free of your mental logjam.

If you're not careful, doubt spirals you down into feelings of inadequacy. It starts with you second guessing yourself. This leads to less and less clarity. Before you can stop yourself, you are seriously questioning your ability to make a good decision. Self-doubt and an absence of clarity leave you feeling trapped in confusion, emotional overwhelm, and indecision.

Your Way Out

Break free from doubt, confusion and overwhelm with clarity about your options.

It's simpler than you think. Look at what is actually possible by asking different questions. For instance... Instead of trying to figure out "whether or not" to do "X" or choose "Y", ask "What would have to be true for each option to be the best option?"

This approach brings into view solutions you may not be considering, seeing or sensing. Clear understanding of your options leads to solution-based decisions. And, you're more likely to avoid problem-based fixes that address symptoms but not the real problem.

Clearly seeing your options breaks your mental logjam. You realize what is valid and viable. With fresh understanding you discover new possibilities. Solutions emerge and take shape. This discerning focus calms you. Your confidence returns. You decide boldly and wisely.

Like to learn simple ways to clarify confusing foggy options so you make critical decisions with confidence and ease? Stay tuned for my upcoming teleclass:

"Breakthrough to YES!: Decisions that Conquer Doubt, Clarity Options, and Free You To Live Your Truth—Knowing What You Are Meant to Do."


The Power of a Positive "NO!"

Happy Year of the Horse! & Happy Valentine's Day!

Are you enjoying the fast-paced lift in momentum that this year of Yang Wood Horse brings? The great news is that it's accompanied by the sweetness of love.

While the energy of Valentine Day—LOVE—is universal in cultures around the world, the Year of the Horse in Chinese culture isn't as globally familiar. Yet it offers us, individually and collectively, very appealing possibilities.

"The Horse energy inspires powerful INTUITION and an indomitable surge towards freedom in every aspect of life. This is a year to follow your inner voice like never before, for it will have a universal cosmic ch'i within it. Higher guidance is with us every step of the way. Reach for the sky, call up your vision, fuel your plans with vision boards and creativity, find a fresh path and pace yourself well. This yang Horse has the potential to channel the powerful new upthrust of Wood's Ch'i through the Horse's Heart energy of Fire and into every project you start, every desire you reach for. It will keep your eager plans from being dominated by too much 'head' and not enough 'heart'." ~Western School of Feng Shui

To take advantage of the right opportunities during the fast paced energy of this Horse year it is essential that you clarify and decide what you say "YES!" to. To do that you need to say "NO!" to make space for your heart-centered meaningful "YES!".

Why You Don't Just Say "NO!"

3 Reasons You Don't Say NO!

1. Accommodation

  • You want to say "No!"
  • Instead you say "yes" to please or gain approval from the person or people asking.
  • You also don't know how to say "No!" to the request.

2. Avoidance

  • You don't return phone calls, respond to emails, or put off getting back to the person or people making the request.
  • You're very uncomfortable or afraid to say "No!" because you do not want to upset, hurt or offend the person or people asking.
  • You don't know how to say "No!" nicely.

3. Anger/Attack

  • You really do not want to say "Yes".
  • You're angry at yourself for feeling like you can't say "No!" 
  • You begrudgingly say "yes" but with very negative agreement.

Power Up with a "No!" Sandwich

Start with your genuine "Yes!" (top slice of bread)

  • Know the value on which you stand, what saying "No" actually allows you to say "Yes!" to—your big, most authentic "YES!"
  • Based on what you really value, ask yourself what saying "No!" allows you to say "Yes!" to that keeps you true to yourself.

State your positive "No!" (meat in the middle)

  • Prepare the person asking to receive your positive "No!"
  • Stand firmly in a commitment to your value-rooted, genuine "Yes!" and say your positive "No!" from that place within yourself.

Consider ending with Yes? (bottom slice of bread)

  • Start with youe decision to say a Positive "No!"
  • Then, if appropriate, choose what you are willing to do that is different from what is being requested of you.
  • "I am willing to ____________________________________________ (fill in the blank).

Using this "No!" sandwich empowers you to say a Positive "NO!" It also takes you out of the unproductive loop of trying to please people or gain their approval. Instead it's possible for you to please and approve of yourself without being selfish or egotistical.

Of course, if you would like help learning and embodying this critical leadership skill, contact me. I would be happy to assist you in communicating your Positive "No!" in difficult and challenging conversations.

Photo by Saffron Blaze




What I Learned From Nelson Mandela


The interrelatedness of all life (animate and inanimate) is expressed in the African meaning of 'Ubuntu'. It translates: "I am because you are." 

That was the essence present in Nelson Mandela's gracious and generous humanity. As wildlife activist and guide Boyd Varty beautifully reminds us in the TED Talk he presented right after finding out about Mandela's death, 'Ubuntu' lives in all of us.

Nelson Mandela showed us how world changing the natural expression of 'Ubuntu' is when we live it.

"In the cathedral of the wild we get to see the best parts of ourselves reflected back to us." ~Boyd Varty