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Boldness has magic, power, and genius within it. ~Goethe

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Sylvia Warren, MBA  Conscious Change Catalyst

I'm a former corporate exeuctive and business consultant turned Conscious Change Catalyst. Now...

I coach smart women entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and nonprofit professionals to thrive as leaders—so they communicate with confidence and grace in difficult conversations, decide wisely and boldly, and take quantum leaps in influence, impact and results without forfeiting who they are or what they value.

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3 Body Wisdom Business Lessons


When I began the Tai Chi class conveniently taught at my neighborhood park, it had been years since I had practiced this 'slow motion' martial art. The time lapse didn't matter because this Tai Chi form was different than the other 3 I learned (and had forgotten) so long ago.

Now I'm a Tai Chi newbie again. As I deal with how long it takes my body to grasp the presence, balance and flow of each movement, I realize that Tai Chi is also teaching me 3 valuable 'body wisdom' business lessons.

  1. Patience is a practice.
    • Trying to control our progress keeps us from seeing small steps we can take.
    • Relaxing our expectations frees us to learn from our practice.
  2. Transitions energize our next steps.
    • Shifting back a little gives us momentum for moving forward in a new direction.
    • Slowing down lets us balance the way we take the next step.
  3. Economy of motion leads to results.
    • Paying attention to one change at a time, we begin to sense a way to flow into our next move.
    • Making small shifts, minor adjustments, and little course corrections, we move into a natural rhythm of the steps we're learning to take.


Now it's time for me to take a short break from sitting in front of my computer at work and practice what I'm learning in Tai Chi. Where in business, leadership and life are you practicing presence, balance and flow?


How Powerful is Your Fascination Factor?

Gone Too Soon

A bright start has left us. With Robin Williams' tragic death we've lost a brilliant funny man, actor and blazing spirit. If only the laughter he brought to so many and the love felt for him in return could have been more a comfort to him in his dark days. May he now rest in peace.

His creative genius gave us hilarious alien views of ourselves, each other, life and world events. His lightening fast wit and intelligence dazzled us with his fascination of unusual connections between seemingly unrelated thoughts, ideas, human perspectives and behavior.

Reflecting on his legacy makes me wonder about our fascinations.

Power of Our Fascinations

What fascinates you most in business and life?

Whatever your greatest fascination is, it runs like a river through your work and life.

For me, it's journeying into the unknown to discover and experience the wonders living there. That's why I love helping clients deal with troublesome and complex leadership, professional and business challenges―their uncharted territory.

While the landscape and terrain of what's not working for them is known to me, clients' inner adventures reveal their unique courage, confidence, and way of creating desired results. Their transformational journeys―the practical steps, simple elegant solutions, and inner peace clients experience―fascinate me!

Factor in Your Fascination

Your greatest fascination may be invisible to you, or hidden in plain sight. It can lurk inside big problems that push you outside your comfort zone.

Funny thing is, your difficult decisions and stubborn challenges provoke less anxiety when you know and understand what fascinates you.

That's because you see whether it's busy creating the problem or finding a solution.

When you know its value and understand the role it's playing, you can turn what fascinates you most into a powerful ally. 

Quiet Your Fear with Fascination

I'm curious. Maybe you are too.

  • What deeply fascinates you?
  • Where does your natural fascination show up in your work/business, leadership, and life?
  • On a simple scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest) what score would you give your strongest fascination?

Knowing and understanding your fascination shifts your experience of it. You connect to rich inner wisdom. This truer sense of your natural gifts fortifies you to step through new doors and into expansive opportunities.

Play to Discover

Playfully explore the possibilities. One client spent years dealing with extremely stressful complex changes at work only to find herself struggling to navigate a different set of difficult worrisome changes in her own business.

When she realized her greatest fascination was her love of learning, she understood that this deep natural desire was at play in all the stressful attempts to navigate big challenging changes. So she began to focus on what she learns from complex change that fascinates her the most.

This expanded awareness shifted her out of overwhelm—freeing her to engage differently in her growing business. Now she feels a dynamic sense of balance and inner peace. And, she is putting her natural fascination to greater use in accepting client projects and navigating with less worry the predictable and unpredictable changes in business and her life as a mother and wife. 

Your Journey and Your Fascination Are One

Discover more about the power of your own natural fascination. Learn how it can work wonders for you in business and life.

Experience an easy, fun and uniquely personal way to let what fascinates you most conquer your doubts, clarify your options, and free you to choose boldly and wisely so you enjoy what you're creating in business and life.

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Discover Your Powerful Fascination Session.

See how Wild Woman Wisdom Journeys take you out of struggle and into a virtual adventure where what fascinates you most is revealed. Find out how your natural fascination can lead you with less effort to great decisions and advanced problem solving―transforming your challenges into simple elegant solutions.

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Discover Your Powerful Fascination Session


Are You a "Now-ist" or a Futurist?

How Are You Leading Your Business?

Joi Ito doesn't like the word 'Futurist'. He thinks that in business, leadership and life innovation has become the domain of "Now-ists.''

His TED Talk shows how "Now-ists" focus on being connected, always learning, fully aware and super present. The result... "Now-ists" create in the moment.

See for yourself. And, share what you think.


Your Journey From Awww to Awesome...

Easy & Enlightening

When was the last time you paused to catch up with yourself and your progress in business, leadership and life? It's a simple practice I use with my clients, who are smart women leaders and entrepreneurs focused on improving their businesses, their teams, and their own personal performance.

Take a few moments to clarify the changes you have and want to experience. Jot down your responses to 3 simple questions. 

Where Are You Now?

That's the first question you want to answer candidly and without reservation. Ask it about your business, leadership or life. One area at a time works best to single out what you're assessing and identify what works well and what doesn't work.

Where Do You Want to Be?

Describe the future state you actually want to experience in business, leadership or life. Be as clear as possible about how you want to feel in the desired future. Quantum physicists tells us that our feeling states carry a powerful vibration, which can attract or repel (similar to skunks and their strong scents).

How Do You See Yourself Getting There?

Sometimes this question is difficult to answer. If you're unsure, admit it without judging or "should-ing" yourself. Instead brainstorm what could be possible, even if you have no actual idea how it would happen.

Now, on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 = extremely urgent) how urgent is your desire to have the experience you seek? Be truthful. Your decision to take the next step in the direction you want to go really depends on how much you feel compelled to change.

Given your self-assessment of where you are now and where you want to be in 3-6 months, what next step(s) are you ready to take?

And, don't let needing help diminish or derail how urgent the next steps really are for your leadership and business. I'm only an email away. Contact me for a 30-minute Discovery Session.


Turn Your Business into a Vacation

Singapore Botanical Gardens Waterfall


Got Attitude, Awareness & Authenticity?

What if your business felt like a vacation? A place where you feel so alive, fully engaged, and curious about what is possible that you consistently take inspired action to create your desired results. When you're on vacation, you feel carefree, optimistic, and enthusiastically greet each day with a sense of adventure.

But you don't see how your business can be like that. It involves critical priorities and serious responsibilities that demand your time, energy and attention. In your mind there is no way you can afford to be on vacation in your business.

What if you could though? What if the vacation vitality you experience — when you're notworried, harried, or focused on so many things that your mind feels like it's spinning out of control — lives in the attitude, awareness and authenticity you bring to work every day?

Attitude Adjusted

Experience a state of calm, clear and confident focus by deciding to feel that way now. Easier said than done, you say. Not if you shift your mindset and view your work day as a series of predictable and unpredictable adventures. While you may not be able to control what happens, only you can control your response to what happens.

Awareness Aligned

Adjusting your attitude allows you to see clearly what you can and cannot control. With this discerning awareness you can choose how you will respond — rather than react — to difficult people, challenging situations, and chronic problems that consume time, energy and attention.

Authenticity Activated

The result is you get to feel and BE more authentic — calmer, more confident and decisive in your thinking and actions.

These significant shifts in attitude, awareness and authenticity free you to feel more alive and fully engaged in your business activities. Increased optimism and enthusiasm make you more curious about what solutions and innovations are possible. When you approach each work day with this keen sense of adventure, your business feels like an exciting and refreshing vacation.