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Escape Decision Overwhelm

Now there's an easier way for you to go from doubt and indecision to bold, confident and wise action.

"Remain Calm!" A Simple Practice for Making Smart Decisions

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Boldness has magic, power, and genius within it. ~Goethe

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Sylvia Warren, MBA | Conscious Change Catalyst

I'm a former corporate executive and business consultant turned Conscious Change Catalyst. Now...

I coach smart business women, social entrepreneurs and nonprofit professionals to thrive as leaders—so they communicate with confidence and ease in difficult conversations, calmly make bold wise decisions, and increase their influence, impact and results without forfeiting who they are or what they value.

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Happy 2015!


Happy New Year!!!

Sending love, lightness and abundance to you
and your loved ones in 2015.

May 2015 be the beginning of everything
you dearly desire to experience
in business, leadership & life.

Simply the Best,

Sylvia Warren, MBA
Conscious Change Catalyst

 ...inspiring leaders to thrive


Travel a Path Free of Overwhelm

In Business, Leadership & Life...

The holiday season brings with it substantial increases in demands on your time, energy and money. During these hectic final weeks of the year, distractions blur your focus. There doesn't seem to be any breathing space for the clarity you need to see how far you've traveled on your professional and personal path in 2014.

Decide to Let Go of Overwhelm

Slow your pace. Quiet your mind. Catch up with yourself and your accomplishments.

Here's an easy place to start. Ask yourself these questions without expected an answer to come to you right away or trying to answer them immediately. Instead live with the questions.

Allow them to reveal their answers to you...while waiting at a stop light or shopping for groceries, or in your dreams.

Notice what emerges from your curious and gentle inquiry. Jot down your responses when they're ready to be captured.

5 Energizing & Fun Questions to Ponder

  1. What expected and unexpected wins have you experienced in 2014?
  2. What surprised you about these wins/accomplishments?
  3. What do you find illuminating about your experience?
  4. What shifts do you feel within yourself?
  5. What is deeply significant to you about these achievements?

 Refresh...Mind, Body & Spirit

Pause to appreciate and fully embody your achievements in business, leadership and life during 2014. For as global visionary and "Soul of Money" author Lynne Twist reminds us, "What we appreciate, appreciates."

And, as quantum physicists have proven scientifically, what we focus on expands. So use the power of attention to see and savor your accomplishments. Bring into conscious view the path and distance you've traveled to arrive at new milestones on your life-enriching journey to soulful mastery.



Cultivate Your Mastery... in Business & Leadership

Eric Schmidt: "Everybody Needs a Coach."

Obviously, Google does a lot of things right in business. No exception is CEO Eric Schmidt's commitment to have a business coaching. Listen to why he's convinced that peak performance in business, leadership and life happens best with a coach.


Escape Decision Fatigue & Overwhelm

"Remain Calm!" A Simple Practice for Making Great Decisions

Tired of agonizing over tough choices? Ready to unplug from confusion and worry that keep you stuck in a mental logjam?

Yes, there really is an easier way to make smart decisions. And, thre's a simple practice that helps you calm down and move from doubt and indecision to confident decisive action.

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3 Body Wisdom Business Lessons


When I began the Tai Chi class conveniently taught at my neighborhood park, it had been years since I had practiced this 'slow motion' martial art. The time lapse didn't matter because this Tai Chi form was different than the other 3 I learned (and had forgotten) so long ago.

Now I'm a Tai Chi newbie again. As I deal with how long it takes my body to grasp the presence, balance and flow of each movement, I realize that Tai Chi is also teaching me 3 valuable 'body wisdom' business lessons.

  1. Patience is a practice.
    • Trying to control our progress keeps us from seeing small steps we can take.
    • Relaxing our expectations frees us to learn from our practice.
  2. Transitions energize our next steps.
    • Shifting back a little gives us momentum for moving forward in a new direction.
    • Slowing down lets us balance the way we take the next step.
  3. Economy of motion leads to results.
    • Paying attention to one change at a time, we begin to sense a way to flow into our next move.
    • Making small shifts, minor adjustments, and little course corrections, we move into a natural rhythm of the steps we're learning to take.


Now it's time for me to take a short break from sitting in front of my computer at work and practice what I'm learning in Tai Chi. Where in business, leadership and life are you practicing presence, balance and flow?