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Sylvia Warren, MBA  Conscious Change Catalyst

I'm a former corporate exeuctive and business consultant turned Conscious Change Catalyst. Now...

I coach smart women entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and nonprofit professionals to thrive as leaders—so they communicate with confidence and grace in difficult conversations, decide wisely and boldly, and take quantum leaps in influence, impact and results without forfeiting who they are or what they value.

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Are You a "Now-ist" or a Futurist?

How Are You Leading Your Business?

Joi Ito doesn't like the word 'Futurist'. He thinks that in business, leadership and life innovation has become the domain of "Now-ists.''

His TED Talk shows how "Now-ists" focus on being connected, always learning, fully aware and super present. The result... "Now-ists" create in the moment.

See for yourself. And, share what you think.


Your Journey From Awww to Awesome...

Easy & Enlightening

When was the last time you paused to catch up with yourself and your progress in business, leadership and life? It's a simple practice I use with my clients, who are smart women leaders and entrepreneurs focused on improving their businesses, their teams, and their own personal performance.

Take a few moments to clarify the changes you have and want to experience. Jot down your responses to 3 simple questions. 

Where Are You Now?

That's the first question you want to answer candidly and without reservation. Ask it about your business, leadership or life. One area at a time works best to single out what you're assessing and identify what works well and what doesn't work.

Where Do You Want to Be?

Describe the future state you actually want to experience in business, leadership or life. Be as clear as possible about how you want to feel in the desired future. Quantum physicists tells us that our feeling states carry a powerful vibration, which can attract or repel (similar to skunks and their strong scents).

How Do You See Yourself Getting There?

Sometimes this question is difficult to answer. If you're unsure, admit it without judging or "should-ing" yourself. Instead brainstorm what could be possible, even if you have no actual idea how it would happen.

Now, on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 = extremely urgent) how urgent is your desire to have the experience you seek? Be truthful. Your decision to take the next step in the direction you want to go really depends on how much you feel compelled to change.

Given your self-assessment of where you are now and where you want to be in 3-6 months, what next step(s) are you ready to take?

And, don't let needing help diminish or derail how urgent the next steps really are for your leadership and business. I'm only an email away. Contact me for a 30-minute Discovery Session.


Turn Your Business into a Vacation

Singapore Botanical Gardens Waterfall


Got Attitude, Awareness & Authenticity?

What if your business felt like a vacation? A place where you feel so alive, fully engaged, and curious about what is possible that you consistently take inspired action to create your desired results. When you're on vacation, you feel carefree, optimistic, and enthusiastically greet each day with a sense of adventure.

But you don't see how your business can be like that. It involves critical priorities and serious responsibilities that demand your time, energy and attention. In your mind there is no way you can afford to be on vacation in your business.

What if you could though? What if the vacation vitality you experience — when you're notworried, harried, or focused on so many things that your mind feels like it's spinning out of control — lives in the attitude, awareness and authenticity you bring to work every day?

Attitude Adjusted

Experience a state of calm, clear and confident focus by deciding to feel that way now. Easier said than done, you say. Not if you shift your mindset and view your work day as a series of predictable and unpredictable adventures. While you may not be able to control what happens, only you can control your response to what happens.

Awareness Aligned

Adjusting your attitude allows you to see clearly what you can and cannot control. With this discerning awareness you can choose how you will respond — rather than react — to difficult people, challenging situations, and chronic problems that consume time, energy and attention.

Authenticity Activated

The result is you get to feel and BE more authentic — calmer, more confident and decisive in your thinking and actions.

These significant shifts in attitude, awareness and authenticity free you to feel more alive and fully engaged in your business activities. Increased optimism and enthusiasm make you more curious about what solutions and innovations are possible. When you approach each work day with this keen sense of adventure, your business feels like an exciting and refreshing vacation.


Is Fear Your Friend?

From Impossible to Possible with Ease & Elegance

Typically, in business and leadership fear is considered foe, not friend.

So as a Conscious Change Catalyst, who helps smart women entrepreneurs and leaders make difficult decisions without anxiety and struggle, I was thrilled by a client's transformation of her contant companion FEAR from Foe to Friend.

This significant shift occurred as a result of her participation an Easy, Fun and Unique experience of 'Breakthrough to YES!' decision-making.

What if, like her, you could welcome the presence of fear and use your fear as a resource to clarify your decision and identify your next steps?

When stunned by unexpected challenges or confronted by uncertain outcomes, what could or would you do differently if fear was your friend?

Ready for Your Breakthrough?

If you're curious what fear as your friend would look like, my client has given me permission to share her experience in my free 'Breakthrough to YES!' teleclass. This is what she has to say that is possible for you too.

"I experienced a powerful breakthrough in my business. I know it's because I embarked upon one of the most significant journeys ever! I feel confident disclosing that Fear is now my friend.

Don't misunderstand. I know that we all experience some level of fear in our lives through varied experiences. I also understand how paralyzing fear can be. And, yes, I have firsthand knowledge of how overwhelming Fear can be in life and business.

When I say Fear is my friend, I'm acknowledging the pervasive presence of Fear in my life and business. It permeates my thoughts and experiences and relationships and choices. (That's why it's a proper noun in this care.)


Today, I welcome the presence of Fear as a motivator, driving force, and (even) encourager. Today, I am no longer afraid of the uncertain, unknown, or the road less traveled. With Fear beside me, I find myself moving forward to face new and equally welcome challenges because I know I have all the resources necessary to overcome anything with boldness and courage. Yeeeessss!

My breakthrough came from my participation in a truly life-changing adventure. Initially, I thought it was a teleclass with a compelling focus: 'Make decisions that conquer doubt, clarify options, and free you to boldly get on with business and life'.

I expected to hear great content while experiencing Sylvia Warren's unique brand of warmth, humor and brilliance. What I didn't expect was the POW! of a breakthrough I got from being there.

I love Sylvia's unconventional approach with smart women entrepreneurs and leaders. The calm confidence I experience while making better decisions suggests this innovative approach is almost magical. Yet I know it's Sylvia's unassuming way of connecting people to higher levels of consciousness that leads to effortless shifts. I know because that's exactly when my breakthrough happened.

So I'm thrilled that Sylvia is creating a space for this powerful adventure in decision making again.

Join Sylvia LIVE in the experience. It's way too delicious for you NOT to be there!

Like me and others, you'll leave the UNIQUE journey with conviction and confidence about your essential clear choice and bold next step."

Breakthrough to YES!

Make Decisions that Conquer Doubt, Clarify Options, and Free You to Boldly Get on with Business & Life

Sign Up for this Free 90-Minute Experiential Teleclass

May 22, 2014 | 1pm PT | 4pm ET | 9pm GMT

Breakthrough to YES!

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Do You Let Yourself Fail Enough?

Missteps Lead to Mastery

Do I let myself fail enough? This is a question I'm asking myself because my progress has been so slow in bringing a phenomenal new service I've created to market.

Now I know perfection is not a virtue. After all, I've coached high achievers and leaders for years to use missteps to skyrocket results.

Self-Awareness lights the way to ease of effort and course corrections.

My snail-like progress might be a sign that I'm chasing perfection in marketing my new service offering—Wild Woman Wisdom Journeys. If so, I'm not letting myself fail enough.

Clearly, it's time for me to practice failing. As I let go of my need to get it right the first time, my shoulders relax and more oxygen comes into my lungs.

Failure Isn't Fatal

I read recently that failure was never meant to describe human beings. In the early 19th century failure shifted from describing the "dead end, point of no return" of bankruptcy to describing people. Yet our human spirits are too resilient and dynamic for this initially static definition.

Failure only has validity for us if we don't take it personally. Research tells us that seeing mistakes as stepping stones, rather than feeling mistakes are failure, is a major distinguishing characteristerics between genuises and the rest of us.

Get a 'Genius Attitude'

As a friend of mine says, "You can't learn less." So why not learn more from failure? Instead of worrying about failing, let's use what doesn't work as stepping stones to what can/will work.

This new attitude shifts our focus. It frees our energy and efforts to routinely pay attention to possibilities and opportunities for productive course correction. After all, the space shuttles navigated via a series of course corrections to reach cosmic destinations.

I've decided to let go of the expectation that I have to immediately 'get it right' when working on something new. Instead, I'm practicing the 'genius' attitude' of exploration and discovery.

What missteps are leading to your mastery?