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Create Your Compelling Future in 2009

Begin With Better Balance

Busy beyond belief before you have had a chance to give your New Year’s resolutions a second look? Perhaps the title to that Paul Simon song - Still Crazy After All These Years - describes your January 2009. If so, you are not alone. A national survey of 500 full-time professionals, conducted in late November 2008, tells us that even amidst layoffs 47% of respondents desire more life balance in 2009. 86% plan to pursue better balance in 2009.

Gaining better balance takes practice. T. Harv Eker of Peak Potentials Training says it best: “Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent.” That is why wildly successful entrepreneurs, executives and professionals learn to leverage the ways they are creatures of habit. With simple daily practices they gain a renewed sense of balance - achieving ambitious results with more ease.

Daily playful practices give you energizing experiences of the life balance you seek. Life balance practices sharpen your focus and inspire you to create the compelling future you want.

Focus is pivotal. It takes you from clarity to action. So why not practice 3 sure fire ways to focus with more balance?

  1. Focus, focus, focus…on no more than 3 critical priorities at a time. In his book Brain Rules,  scientist John Medina tells us years of research have proven that multi-tasking is a myth. The human brain functions most efficiently when it focuses on one top priority and has no more than two additional priorities waiting for its attention. Leverage our brain power by focusing on top priorities in hierarchies of threes.
  2. Spend 80% of your time on high-payoff activities. To do this, schedule time on your calendar when you are not available for in-person, phone or email interruptions. Use this time to zero in on high-return activities - actions that get you closer to desired results. Identify who and what you need to get the job done. Determine how best to access the resources required. Set reasonable time frames to complete the work right. If necessary, develop a feasible game plan. Review and update it daily or weekly.
  3. Leverage your lessons learned. Track your progress. Ask yourself: What is working well? What is not working? What could work better? Make adjustments to keep or get things back on track. Identify your next best steps. Then pause. Appreciate and celebrate small wins. Use them as  stepping stones to the results and success you seek.

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Reader Comments (2)

Watch My New Video Love.Now on

January 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterKute Blackson

Your Love.Now video is potent proof that life at its best engages us in blissfully creative improv for the greater good of all concerned.

January 24, 2009 | Registered CommenterSylvia Warren

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