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Is Your World Stuck in Fast Forward?

Are You Living in the Fast Life Instead of Living the Good Life?

Just the other day an entrepreneurial leader with a thriving business and top notch team of bright, highly productive professionals admitted that she did not feel satisfied, content or happy.

When I asked why, she described all the ways her business and life were stuck in fast forward. As CEO, she had been responding at a nonstop pace to an predecented number of unexpected challenges and sudden (barely time to consider) opportunities since the start of 2012.

While she is a savvy decision maker, keeping up with constant rapid fire shifts in business have marianted her in speed. Unable to respond within the boundaries of her naturally quick inner rhythm, she had become hyper-vigilant. This left her feeing anxious, exhausted and afraid. Even when  situations were not urgent, she kept jumping from priority to priority and multi-tasking in between. For her, this meant she was out of control.

Is Your World Stuck in Fast Forward?

If you (like my client) find that cascading circumstances in business or life have pulled you completely out of your natural inner rhythm, this does not mean you are out of control. Rather, it means that you are experiencing the stresses and strains of your human capacity to adapt.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you adapting to a temporary situation or a permanent change?
  • If the situation is temporary, what daily practices routinely bring you back to your center?
  • If the changes are permanent, what simple practices help you stay in touch with your natural inner rhythm?  

Your Natural Inner Rhythm

Of course, these questions assume you know what your natural inner rhythm is. That is...

  • How you feel when you are fully in sync with yourself.
  • Who supports you in experiencing and expressing your best.
  • What environments enable you to function at the top of your game.

As always, pictures speak louder than words. So what do the photos of a Native American (in ceremonial dance) and a 90-year old (new 'covergirl' for a MAC cosmetic line that sold out within weeks of her ad appearances) tell you about their natural inner rhythm?


Rhythm is the carrier of life. ~Rudolph Steiner

What choices in business and life is your inner rhythm leading you to make?

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