3 Simple Success Practices

Suffering from Achievement Amnesia?

You execute complex strategies, lead wildly divergent teams, meet ambitious goals, and deliver on your commitments to the success of your business or organization. Yet it feels like the success you seek still eludes you.

Why? Because...

You race to the finish line with impressive speed only to find that the end goal has moved. There is no finish line. Your stunning achievements are ignored because of an unending stream of critical priorities, competing demands, and ambitious goals that you now have to reach.

The upside is you make substantial and significant progress even in the face of these daunting challenges. The downside is you cannot remember what you're already achieved. This leaves you feeling like you are not productive or effective or good enough.

The good news and the bad news is that you are not alone. I call this workday malaise "Achievement Amnesia" because it robs your instant recall of your noteworthy accomplishments.

Enjoy Your Hard Won Success

Simple daily practices allow you to experience and enjoy the success you work so hard to achieve. Change-makers, visionary leaders, and peak performers find these 3 particularly useful. See how they work for you.

  1. At the start of your workday, write down 3 top priorities you are committed to getting done that day.
    • I know you have a lot more than 3. Just focus on the first top 3, and then the next top 3, and then the next top 3.
    • The human brain only effectively focuses on 3 areas at a time—one primary area and two in waiting
  2. Check each priority and subsequent action items off your list after they are completed.
    • Get creative. Draw a bold line through them or X them out with a flourish.
    • Notice how great this simple action feels.
  3. Take 5 minutes at the end of your workday and review your progress to see what you've achieved.
    • Give yourself this time and space to appreciate what is working well for you.
    • Intentionally celebrate small and big wins in easy fun ways.

Notice how these 3 simple success practices release you from the fog of Achievement Amnesia. The satisfying difference in your sense of daily and weekly accomplishments boosts your self confidence and capacity to make better decisions.