Surrender to Courage


Embody Goodness

As a leader, it's easy to forget the power in letting go of the familiar. Because letting go takes Courage. Yet in the end we only regreat the chances that we didn't take. So in what way could you surrender to a positive change in your leadership, business or life by simply letting go?

Trust Not Knowing

What Stops You

That indecision which haunts you. The not knowing that worries you. The second guessing that stops you. Ease away from that doubt and fear. Because... it's time now to be kind and compassionate with yourself. Even though you don't know yet what you think you need to know to move forward, pause that thought. Instead, consciously choose to take 1 next step. Allow that next step to reveal the one that follows it. Step-by- step be brave enough to voyage beyond your known frontiers to where unknown yet self-fulfilling transformation patiently awaits your arrival. Courage comes from the heart. So let your heart lead you.

Your Courage Companions

Never underestimate the power of your curiosity and wonder.

They help you regain a natural sense of yourself - calming and centering you within to step into undiscovered territory. Emboldened, you begin to find a way forward, navigating volatile, unpredictable, chaotic and ambiguous challenges.

The Power of Doubt

Beyond Belief

What if...

What we believe isn't true?

And, the questions we ask are the wrong questions?

When Casey Gerald's firmly held belief failed him, he searched for something to believe in — in business, in government, in philanthropy. Yet he found only false hopes. In this compelling talk, Gerald shares how he witnessed every facet of the American Dream and learned how essential it is to question our beliefs and have enough courage to embrace uncertainty.

Gerald says, “We hardly realize the human price we pay when we fail to question one brick because we fear it might shake our whole foundation.”