Easier Than You Think

Manage Your Focus

When faced with sudden opportunities, unexpected decisions, or unclear next steps, do you consider how your response could feed the deeper aspects of who you are?

Too often nerviousness, excitement and a real sense of urgency blur our focus and muddy our view of novel yet available options.

Yet there is an easier way to navigate our natural feelings and the conflicting thoughts accompanying them.

Strange as it sounds, stop trying to figure out what to do. Allow curiosity to shift the way you look at what's possible.

Interrupt your thoughts. Instead of paying attention to your questions about "how you should" respond, quiet your mind with genuine appreciation: "Thank you for sharing." This gratitude calms your thoughts by letting your mind know that it has done its job and can relax.

Next, give yourself more mental, physical and emotional space.

You can do this in a lot of effortless ways. Pause for a few moments. Breathe slowly and deeply. Stretch... Stare with soft focus at the sky... Listen to soothing sounds... Walk in nature.

Then, when you feel more spaciousness inside and around you, consider  less-explored and surprisingly useful questions.

Question Your Questions

  1. What assumptions am I making?
  2. What am I not seeing—obvious or subtle?
  3. What else might be possible here?
  4. What deeper needs could be nourished?

Allow your unconscious to explore these questions and give you answers in unexpected ways. Put away your phone and let your mind wander while you

  • Wait in line at a store
  • Do household chores
  • Walk the dog or feed the cat
  • Listen to the conversation of strangers.

Notice how answers to your questions begin to take shape in these everyday settings. Let the clarity you receive turn your decisiveness into rewarding results.