3 Body Wisdom Business Lessons


When I began the Tai Chi class conveniently taught at my neigborhood park, it had been years since I practiced this 'slow motion' martial art. The time lapse didn't matter because this Tai Chi form was different than the other three forms I learned and forgot so long ago.

Now I'm a Tai Chi newbie again. As I deal with how long it takes my body to grasp the presence, balance and flow of each moment, I realize that Tai Chi also is teaching me 3 valuable 'body wisdom' business lessons.

  1. Patience is a practice.

    • Trying to control my progress keeps me from seeing small steps I can take.

    • Relaxing my expectations frees me to learn by practicing.

  2. Transitions energize next steps.

    • Shifting back a little before moving forward gives me  momentum to go in a new direction.

    • Slowing down helps me balance the way I take my next step.

  3. Economy of motion leads to better results.

    • Focusing on one change at a time shows me how one move flows into the next move.

    • Making small shifts—a minor foot adjustment or correction in my posture—enables me to move into the natural rhythm of Tai Chi and experience the next steps I'm learning to take.


As in business, leadership and life, the more I practice the easier it is to remain alert, flexible and agile,

So as you read this, I'm getting up from sitting too long in front of my computer and going downstairs to practice Tai Chi. While I know that I'll never become a Tai Chi Master, I'm on the path to consistent practice.

Where do you routinely need to practice patience, presence, balance and flow in your business, leadership or life?