Lead with Your Aspirations


In these inhumane, dangerous, and soul-sick troubling times it is not unusual to feel adrift in a wasteland of horrifying events. Ignorance runs amok and too many people have traded in their humanity for mean, cruel and despicable actions against folks who are different from them in some minor, yet not significant, visible way.

In the midst of this criminal madness we need to focus more than ever on our aspirations for a present and future that lead to the elevation of our humanness, society. connections to Planet Earth and impact in the world.

Where do we begin?

With a candid look at and reconnection with our deepest longings, which in the midst of this madness we have left unattended. Rather than abandon these deep-seated longings, let's name them and allow them to create compelling contexts for us being our highest and best selves.  

So take a moment. Jot down 25 aspirations you deeply desire to experience in business, leadership and life. Notice how your deepest longings reveal to you new possibilities and expansive areas of abundance.


Then pay attention to how your aspirations compel you to take inspired action. Doing so, you will find yourself turning a corner that brings what you want to experience —your deepest longings—into current reality. 

ATTENTION: Do not leave your longings unattended. ~Unknown