Find Your Fascination Power!

What Fascinates You Most?

Whatever your greatest fascination is, it runs like a river through your work or business, leadership and life.

For me, it's journeying into the unknown to discover and experience wonders living there. That's why I love helping clients deal with troublesome and complex leadership, professional and business challenges―their uncharted territory.

While the landscape and terrain of what's not working for them is known to me, clients' inner and outer adventures reveal to them their unique courage, commitment and confidence. This frees them to create meaningful results and thrive as leaders. Their transformational journeys―the practical steps, simple elegant solutions, and inner peace clients experience―always fascinates me.

Visible or Invisible?

If your greatest fascination is invisible to you, it's hidden in plain sight. Often it lurks inside pressing problems that push you way outside your comfort zone.

Funny thing is, your difficult decisions and stubborn challenges provoke less anxiety when you know and understand what fascinates you.

This knowing shines a light on how your fascination is attracted to certain types of problems because dealing with them offers a strongly desired sense of satisfaction.

This certainly is the case for the women leaders I coach. When we uncover the roots of what fascinates them, their body relaxes and their minds become quiet and alert.

The significant script change in their inner story shifts the way they view the outer world. Instead of things happening to them, they see things happening with them. And, problems become opportunities to experience the fullness of their fascination power.

Experience the Difference

One client spent years dealing with extremely stressful complex changes at work only to find herself struggling to navigate a different set of worrisome changes in her own business.

When she realized her greatest fascination was her persistent love of learning, she saw how this deep natural desire was at play in all her stressful attempts to navigate big challenging changes. So she decided to pay close attention to what she learns from complex change that keeps her fascinated.

This focus expanded her awareness, deepened her understanding, and crystalized her knowing. She shifted out of overwhelm and felt free to engage differently in her growing business. Now as an entrepreneur, wife and mother, she navigates predictable and unpredictable changes in her business and life with a dynamic sense of balance and inner peace. By helping clients with their difficult problems, she is putting her natural fascination with complex change to even greater use.

Uncover Your Uniqueness

When you understand your deepest fascination, what it values, and the role it' like to play, you can turn what fascinates you most into a valuable ally.

Discover the wisdom and power of your own natural fascination. Learn how it can work wonders for you in business, leadership and life.

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