The Essence of Hope


Our Humanity Rising

What if...

What if the true ‘essence of hope’ is the light we need to navigate the jungle of our fears, confusion and negative beliefs about ourselves and others?

To find a path, a way forward, in the quest towards elevating our own personal humanity in order to enhance our collective world for all of us.

What if the meager ‘shades of hope’ that come from the denial, intellectualization, and spiritual bypass of our harsh current reality―driven by fear of despair we believe would ensnarl and entrap us if we faced the truth―have so dimmed the light we need to find our way forward together?


Aine Dee and I have been invited to explore and embody the “essence” of human concepts that are pure and helpful in the personal and collective evolution of ‘being human’.

To let go of the many cultural distortions and manipulations of these concepts that keep us lost in an emotional jungle, circling the problems, and losing ourselves in the wilderness.


To This Next Great Adventure… #ourhumanityrising