Find Your Way Forward


There's Always a Way

It may not be the way you want.

It may not be what you think you need.

Yet, when you're willing to let go of expectations and allow what wants to emerge to come forth, there's always a way.

The Power of Your Attention

Years of research by physicists tell us that what we focus on expands. Finding your way begins with you shifting your focus from the problem to what could be possible if you became very curious about solutions. For as Einstein said...

No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.

This change in your inner state of being frees you to trust your inner guidance and lead with resilience in the direction your path is taking you.

We meet our destiny on the path we take to avoid it.

When Being Leads to Doing

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You know how...

You know how you carefully think through what you want to say and do, and the positive impact you’d like to have with someone with whom you’ve experienced some tension?

How you’re anxious or agitated and not intending to display or express any of that?

Then you begin to speak or write to this human with your well-planned words, or you show them whatever it is you think they need to see or read…

And the s**t hits the fan.

They are not pleased or grateful or enlightened in the slightest.

You scratch your head and wonder why your sincere intentions and truth-telling has had the opposite impact you intended. “What did I DO wrong? ..."What happened?” 

If you’re still relying on the combination of your brain – chock full of biases, cultural conditioning and lies, and traumatizing memories – and your action-taking to create positive impact, you need to take a quick listen to the wisdom of Sylvia Warren in this 3-minute gem of a recording. 

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The Essence of Leadership


A leader is a person you will follow to a place you wouldn't go by yourself.

The Essence of Hope


Our Humanity Rising

What if...

What if the true ‘essence of hope’ is the light we need to navigate the jungle of our fears, confusion and negative beliefs about ourselves and others?

To find a path, a way forward, in the quest towards elevating our own personal humanity in order to enhance our collective world for all of us.

What if the meager ‘shades of hope’ that come from the denial, intellectualization, and spiritual bypass of our harsh current reality―driven by fear of despair we believe would ensnarl and entrap us if we faced the truth―have so dimmed the light we need to find our way forward together?


Aine Dee and I have been invited to explore and embody the “essence” of human concepts that are pure and helpful in the personal and collective evolution of ‘being human’.

To let go of the many cultural distortions and manipulations of these concepts that keep us lost in an emotional jungle, circling the problems, and losing ourselves in the wilderness.


To This Next Great Adventure… #ourhumanityrising

Being Human

Chalk Sea Cliff in Britain.jpg


Compassion moves us beyond empathy to stand in another person's shoes. And, the elegantly provocative poems of Nayyirah Waheed invite us into the depths of Being Human, where our vast capacity for compassion awaits our arrival.

you broken the ocean in half to be here.

only to meet nothing that wants you.

- immigrant 

Are Your Expectations Blowing You Off Course?

Photo by  James Connolly  on  Unsplash

Navigating other people's expectations can be challenging. Patience and persistence in clarifying exactly what another person's expectations are and reaching mutual agreement about them takes focus, effort, and often serious communication skills. Yet like most leadership and business best practices, ultimately your success depends on how well you understand the true nature of your own expectations.

Knowing the needs your expectations are attempting to meet can keep you from being blown off course by your own hidden agendas. So as I share in the audio below, give yourself some space and time to...

Gratitude Vitamins


Dragonfly Leadership

Subtle Natural Power

Dragonflies are very ancient, estimated to have been on earth for over 180 million years. Their jewel-like bright coloring takes time to develop, reflecting the idea that with maturity your own true leadership colors emerge. Their fast flight and aerial feats—flying up to 30 miles an hour, and twisting, turning and changing direction in an instant, and even flying backwards—engage them in constant change.

As a leader in today's world how often do you experience the need to move, metaphorically speaking, like a dragonfly with alarity, precision, and ease? What practices enable your leadership to be dragonfly resilient?

A closer look at the natural yet subtle power of dragonflies could provide you with some leadership insights.

Dragonflies inhabit two realms—air and water. The significance for you as a leader is that these dragonfly domains offer a balance of mental clarity and emotional intelligence. 

A simple practice can strengthen your leadership, mentally and emotionally. When confronted by sudden unwelcomed change, breathe deeply—bringing air into your body and a sense of spaciousness into your mind. If it's available, drink some water to give yourself a moment to think.

This conscious practice also gives you a chance to tune into your feelings and self-regulate them. Like dragonfly, use air and water to see ways to navigate unexpected change and respond to it initially. Notice the shifts you are making to lead yourself and your team toward the new goal or in the new direction.

Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive. ~Jamais Cascio

Your Environment's Impact

Energy Drains

It's possible to be overworked and underutilized. 

This isn't readily apparent because our attempts to adjust and keep moving forward limit our focus and deplete our energy even more. And, we end up operating with diminished capacity without realizing it. 

I see this all the time with leaders and their teams. It's as if you have waited a little too long to put oxygen masks on yourself and your brain is more stared for oxygen than they know.

Of course, there is a remedy - like 'pure oxygen' - for this creeping deprivation of energy and resilience. 

Resilence Reset

When the best in you is cultivated by your leader and work culture, you bring a keener sense of focus, commitment and endurance to the challenges you face. In productive yet challenging environments you feel safe enough to experiment and make mistakes. Individual and collective/team contributions are supported and recognized. So progress and results end up being more remarkable than you ever imagined possible. 

If this thriving environment is not available in the culture where you work, find simple yet consistent ways to give genuine encouragement, recognition and appreciation to yourself and your team. Whenever possible, walk in nature to experience a natural energy reset. Notice how much more resilent you feel. And, notice the positive impact your attitudinal and behavioral shifts in the environment have on individual and team engagement, performance and results. 

Trust Not Knowing

What Stops You

That indecision which haunts you. The not knowing that worries you. The second guessing that stops you. Ease away from that doubt and fear. Because... it's time now to be kind and compassionate with yourself. Even though you don't know yet what you think you need to know to move forward, pause that thought. Instead, consciously choose to take 1 next step. Allow that next step to reveal the one that follows it. Step-by- step be brave enough to voyage beyond your known frontiers to where unknown yet self-fulfilling transformation patiently awaits your arrival. Courage comes from the heart. So let your heart lead you.

Your Courage Companions

Never underestimate the power of your curiosity and wonder.

They help you regain a natural sense of yourself - calming and centering you within to step into undiscovered territory. Emboldened, you begin to find a way forward, navigating volatile, unpredictable, chaotic and ambiguous challenges.

Are Your Expectations Part of the Problem?


Practical Travel Wisdom

In this photo I'm standing in front an ancient Venetian fountain in Zadar, Croatia just a ferry ride across the Adriatic from Italy. It was a great trip, but very different from what I expected to experience when I planned it. So I had to make daily adjustments to differences that, although not terrible, differed significantly from my expectations and what I wanted to experience.

Normally, when I travel I keep my expectations much more open-ended. That way I step into the unknown with curiosity and a genuine sense of exploration and discovery. This time I returned to Croatia with more of an agenda. Even though my natural flexibility enabled me to "go with the flow" of changes I experienced, I was very conscious of the extra energy it took to manage my expectations along the way. Next time, when I return to Croatia, I'll make sure my expectations are set in their normal travel mode. That will free me to have an even better time there, and elsewhere.

Travel requires us to manage our expectations so they don't become part of the problem that confronts us. Clearly, we cannot control flight delays or cancellations, the availability of food and comfort at airports, or when hotel accommodations fall short of website descriptions. What we can control, however, is what we expect from these experiences and how we make adjustments when they don't measure up to our expectations. 

Travel invites us to explore and discover ways to navigate the unknown and deal effectively with unexpected change. When we adapt, we see ways to become part of the solution we seek.

A Useful 'Playful Practice'

For years, I have relied on a useful practice I call "shifting to neutral." Deciding to remain calm and not react to potentially irritating disruptions helps me navigate with relative ease a mirage of domestic and international security checkpoints, long lines at ticket counters and customs, unexpected flight delays, and unfamiliar airports.

This quiet practice of "shifting to neutral" also could help you regain a sense of inner balance—emotionally and mentally—in business, leadership and life. It starts with recognizing what you can and cannot control. Then, when a person or situation begins to upset you, you immediately disconnect from that irritating or disappointing energy by imagining yourself pulling the cable and plug (through which that negative energy is moving toward you) out of its power source. This drains off the energy—dissipating its effect on you. It frees you to remain calm, centered and clear. 

Practice "shifting to neutral" and notice whether it works for you. Like my clients, discover how this simple 'playful practice' helps you to maintain a sense of inner balance even when dealing with difficult people or situations. That way, navigating change becomes less of an energy drain and more manageable.

In these radically challenging times, I think you will agree these skills are invaluable—whether you are traveling or not.