Purposeful Coaching Conversation

Clarity, Direction & Action

This 50-minute coaching conversation focuses on either a specific leadership, business or professional challenge frustrating, derailing and limiting your progress, or a professional, business or leadership opportunity offering you a different path to success. Together, we identify what best enables you to move in a direction leading to the future you want and are ready to experience.


  • Gain a clearer view of what you need to see and understand about the opportunity or challenge.

  • Explore obvious and subtle options to discern which efforts take you in the best direction.

  • Decide your next step, take it, and begin moving forward at the right pace.

Coaching Commitment

  • This one-time call affords you a laser-deep opportunity to zero in on a pressing problem or a pivotal opportunity, know what works well and what doesn’t work well for you, determine your next step, and decide when and how to take the best possible action.

  • If you have not been a previous client of Simply the Best Coaching, more time may be required to fully address your particular situation. To invest in yourself at that level, select one of the other Simply the Best Coaching programs or services.

"This laser coaching session was exactly what I needed to move in the direction of my future. It helped me see clearly the next steps to take. ~A.J. Zissler, Business English Teacher