Thank You!

Welcome to Elevate Your Leadership Presence for Collaborative Success

To schedule your first coaching session, please contact Sylvia Warren with 2-3 potential dates and times. Or, if during our initial conversation a specific date and time for your first session was agreed upon, make sure you add it to your calendar.

Prior to your first coaching call, please complete only Steps 1 & 2 of these two self-assessments — Values Assessment & Needs Assessment. Then at least a day prior to your first coaching session email me the words you select to represent your 4 core values and your 4 core needs. Our initial coaching conversation will explore the words you select to clarify, understand and discover what they mean to you and their significance in you reaching your desired coaching results.

Please Note: Your coaching conversations will take place via telephone. On the scheduled date and time please give me, Sylvia Warren, a call at: 1-510-530-5563. I look forward to talking with you then. 

P.S. Be sure to add to your list of approved email recipent addresses: Thanks!