Executive Leadership Coach, Conscious Change Catalyst, World Traveler

I champion and support the bold, audacious and courageous difference you want to make in the world as a game-changing leader, entrepreneur, or nonprofit professional. Together, we unleash your natural greatness.

Smart Decisions & Simple Elegant Solutions

As an Executive Coach, I am your

  • Strategic Thinking Partner ➤ clarity about what works, what doesn't work, and what would work better

  • Trusted Confidante ➤ unwavering support that strengthens your confidence, courage and commitment

  • Experienced Leader ➤ help in navigating challenges and capitalizing on opportunities

  • Mentor ➤ assist you in identifying your next (big or small) steps, taking them, and accelerating your progress

  • Collaborative Partner ➤ advocate for your best interests, and believe in you more than you believe in yourself

"I think only those who have tested themselves and reached for opportunity can counsel others on the guts it takes. That is why I found working with Sylvia so successful." ~Mona Hudak, Senior Program Manager, Cisco

As a former corporate executive and business consultant

  • I not only understand your problems, I have also experienced them.

  • I listen without judgment, and hear what is not being said that is significant.

  • I am a trusted sounding board, so you feel free to talk openly and honestly.

"Sylvia's wisdom helped me navigate an increasingly difficult business environment. She also encouraged me to focus on putting more fun in my life, for which I am very grateful." ~Bonnie Blecha, Sr. V.P., Time Warner Cable

As a Conscious Change Catalyst, I help you

  • Feel seen and heard.

  • Get in sync with your values.

  • Acknowledge your core needs.

  • Lean into your leadership strengths.

  • Engage in creative solution thinking.

  • Clarify your options and make confident decisions.

  • Focus on meaningful results and practical ways to achieve them.

"What I have enjoyed most about my coaching experience with Sylvia is the way in which she is able to simultaneously listen to what I'm saying, synthesize that information into core issues, and then challenge me to broaden, widen, and deepen my understanding of the meaning and lessons within these issues, and then suggest solutions for how to move through and beyond them with grace and ease." ~Sandra Bass, Director, Public Service Center, U.C. Berkeley

Who Are You Being as a Leader?

Professional Expertise & Earned Expertise

As an Executive Leadership Coach, former corporate executive and business consultant, I have acquired invaluable professional skills and expertise from more than two decades in diverse companies, industries and work sectors—including nonprofits and public agencies.

Nearly a lifetime of world travel informs what I know, understand and appreciate about the rich (enriching) differences in people, cultures, countries and continents. Of particular value to my clients are the ways that I translate ancient wisdom traditions from far-away lands into modern-day leadership practices to facilitate natural shifts in mindset and behavior.

Simply the Best Coaching facilitates professionally (and personally) rewarding results for leaders in global companies and world class organizations. As a Conscious Change Catalyst, I have the distinct pleasure of working with amazing clients from the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, Prague, Budapest, Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa, Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Phillipines, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia.

Simply the Best Coaching clients engage in meaningful endeavors in their organizations, communities, and the world. I feel honored to assist them in turning their tough choices into smart decisions and their complex problems into simple elegant solutions.

  • KPMG

  • Cisco Sytems

  • The World Bank

  • Wilson West, Inc.

  • Conley Strategic

  • Creative Commons

  • Time Warner Cable

  • Seifel Consulting, Inc.

  • MacArthur Foundation

  • American Cancer Society

  • Open Society Foundations

  • Small Business Adminisration

  • Women Presidents' Organization

  • SSRC - Social Science Research Council

  • The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

  • The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

  • The Northern California Community Loan Fund

  • HomeBase—The Center for Common Concerns

  • CDC—Center for Disease Control and Prevention

  • ISKME—Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management

  • The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

  • Entrepreneurs & Executives in Small Companies—Locally, Nationally & Globally

Discomfort is a Well Traveled Path to THRIVING

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