Turn Peak Performers into a Robust Team

From Clarity to Cohesive Action

Increased team effectiveness and enhanced collaboration take committed focus, time and energy. In day-to-day demands of pressing priorities and urgent distractions little space exists for the team to share expertise, knowledge or experience.

In global teams doing things "my way" often overshadows doing things "our way." For a host of reasons team interactions, decisions and follow-up tend to be infrequent, slower, and less energized.

Productive team engagement comes from shared experiences of reflection, learning from others, and participating in focused and fun conversations. Stepping away from day-to-day work activities allows teams to engage in distraction-free problem solving and action planning

The best way for siloed peak performers to experience strong team synergies is to retreat.

Coming together in this way gives team members space and time to experience deeper levels of common ground, clarity and commitment. Renewed focus and vibrant engagement leads the team to collaboration and cohesive action.

Illuminate Team Blind Spots

Shared Focus & Engagement

Using advanced coaching, leadership and interpersonal skills, I cultivate and champion the collective wisdom of the team. 

This integrated approach to group dialogue and decisions includes Appreciative Inquiry, Mental Models, Resiliency and Presencing. The seamless interplay of all these disciplines enable retreat participants to listen, focus and engage in more meaningful, productive and mutually rewarding ways—brainstorming solutions and benchmarking best practices

Create Space for Change

Re-energize Your Team

My role as an objective facilitator enables leaders and teams to participate fully in a dynamic retreat experience. Active team engagement energizes the group's brainstorming, problem solving and action planning sessions. 

To create a team experience that engages participants in reaching their retreat objectives, I

  • Catalyze group discussions.
  • Keep the conversation on track.
  • Make sure participants are heard.
  • Prompt non-participators to speak up.
  • Listen carefully without imposing biases.
  • Ask questions that might not occur to the team.
  • If necessary, diffuse conflict or unproductive behavior.
  • Set a welcoming and engaging tone for group dialogue.
  • Welcome and respect individual differences and points of view.
  • Understand different cultural nuances and help to surface them.
  • Invite and encourage results-oriented group decisions and next steps.

These and other retreat facilitation services are customized to meet specific client objectives and desired outcomes.

Discover the Difference

Leaders Know

Strong teams empower organizations to stand out — creating greater value with agility.

Time away from nonstop demands and distractions in the workplace allows for a much-needed 'team refresh.' When this retreat is faciliitated with the right combination of focus and fun, teams experience powerful practical outcomes.

  • Clearer thinking
  • Smarter decisions
  • Better collaboration
  • Innovative approaches
  • Simple elegant solutions

And, clients agree. Sylvia 'artfully' brings out the best in leaders and teams.

"I wrote down every word Sylvia said and intend to put them into action when I return to my desk. My initial resistance seems to have disappeared. ~Ryan Fewins, Asst. Director of Training & TA, MCC
"THANK YOU, Sylvia, for your great facilitation! The experience was just what the team needed. As a result, we had fun engaging in highly productive activities. I really appreciate all the work you put in to made this possible and how you so elegantly wrangled us." ~CFO, Global Entity
"Sylvia, you truly are simply the best!" ~Lable Braun, Author, In Case of Emergency, Ask Questions

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