For Collaborative Success

Thrive as a Leader

Elevate Your Leadership Presence affords directors, executives and senior managers the time and space to strengthen and refine leadership performance, interpersonal communications, team engagement, organizational effectiveness, and global influences and impact. Its solution-focused approach helps clients navigate difficult decisions, unrelenting change, and unpredictable situations for the betterment of humanity, civil societies, and the future leaders like you are committed to create.

Elevate Your Leadership Presence (EYLP) engages you in solution-specific experiential learning. When problems surface, you engage in best practices and innovative approaches to resolve organizational, management and team challenges. Leadership competencies expand your skill sets in team and relationship building, as well as partner and stakeholder management. Mastery of new attitudes and behaviors increase your confidence, influence and impact. As a natural consequence, you enhance the collective capacity of team members and your contributions to strategic outcomes. In essence, you thrive as a leader—without forfeiting who you are or what you value.

EYLP Results

Elevate Your Leadership Presence facilitates achievement of productive and enterprising objectives identified at the start of the program. Solution-centered approaches support you in making smart decisions and taking the necessary practical steps to navigate critical issues and sensitive problems. This leads you to meaningful change, collaborative success, and a fulfilling sense of reaching your ambitious goals.

Your Commitment

  • Engage fully in 6-9 months of executive leadership coaching (via telephone)

  • Focus on pivotal priorities, challenges, and opportunities for success

  • Take bold courageous action to meet specific self-defined objectives


Prior to client's start in EYLP Program

  • 6-month Elevate Your Leadership Presence Coaching Program — $ 7,500.00

  • 9-month Elevate Your Leadership Presence Coaching Program — $10,800.00


EYLP Program Payment